About us

Climeo is a Swiss company that combines expertise in HVAC-related home automation with a spirit of innovation and many years of experience in the sector. We believe that technology must be easy to use in everyday life, and we pursue a vision: to provide people with a better quality of life indoors.


Our creative work combines Swiss quality with a genuine spirit of inventiveness. Our work draws on our in-depth knowledge of HVAC-related home automation and on the latest scientific discoveries – and we combine all of that to create a reliable system.


Our customers deserve the best solutions at affordable prices. We dispense with superfluous gadgets and focus on what is important – which is to create user-friendly products for every interior space and lifestyle.


People nowadays spend an increasing amount of time indoors. This is why we wish, now and in the future, to work on meaningful solutions that improve the indoor climate and our quality of life.


We are a team of tireless inventors with a variety of backgrounds: developers, home-automation specialists, designers, electronics engineers and entrepreneurs. Together we develop indoor climate systems that set standards through functionality, simplicity and economy.

Claudio Honegger
Christoph Poltera
Flavio Poltera
Olivier Schmid
Marisa Zuppiger
Horacio Gagliano
Head Software Outsourcing


Climeo is looking for proactive and qualified people wanting to help develop meaningful HVAC-related home-automation systems. And who will contribute to the success of our company with their in-depth expertise and their joy in research.