Enjoy the perfect indoor climate

A pleasant indoor climate needs two things: fresh air and the right temperature. Climeo controls the volume of air, heating and cooling with a carefully devised system that measures and thinks of everything. Nonetheless, Climeo is as easy to handle as a light switch.

Indoor climate defines quality of life

Nowadays, people tend to spend an increasing amount of time in enclosed interior spaces. Studies indicate that many people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Despite this fact, only about half of all new residential properties in Switzerland are equipped with ventilation systems. Furthermore, only one in five heating systems features control equipment for each individual room. Climeo combines both and creates an indoor climate in any living space that is matched perfectly to the needs of the people who live there.


Climeo consists of three elements: AirGate, TempGate and RoomMaster. The two gates regulate air volume and temperature, while RoomMaster controls the climate in all rooms. Climeo can be operated at the RoomMaster display or from anywhere using the Climeo app.


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Quality of life

Climeo measures and controls all factors that affect room climate: temperature, humidity and air quality. This enables you to enjoy an optimum climate with sufficient amounts of fresh air in every interior space – a particular benefit for people suffering from allergies.


Climeo can be operated intuitively at the press of a button. The clearly laid out display on RoomMaster puts you fully in charge, and you can monitor and control the climate in every living space – centrally from one location or using the Climeo app on your smartphone.


Climeo reduces energy consumption and running costs. Heating and ventilation are regulated to suit the requirements of the individual rooms. This improves efficiency levels. Climeo is also easy to retrofit and requires less maintenance than conventional ventilation systems.

Frequent questions about Climeo

What does Climeo cost?

The expected costs for Climeo depend on several factors, for instance: Is the building new or is it being renovated? How many rooms does the property have? Which functions should the device have? The following example gives you an indication of the cost factors:


Type of property: flat (new build or renovation)
Size: 3.5-room flat
Desired functions: ventilation and heating
Price: CHF 1,790 (devices excl. installation)


Tip: All things considered, installing Climeo in a new building is basically cost-neutral as it will save money in several ways. It reduces the costs at commissioning and requires less installation material, no room thermostats are needed, and a small, central air conditioning unit is sufficient. In addition, the operating costs are lower compared to conventional ventilation systems, as fewer filter changes are necessary.


We would be happy to make you a customised offer to match your situation and your wishes.

Can I retrofit Climeo?

Yes. Retrofitting Climeo is easy in the majority of cases, as long as ventilation already exists and there is sufficient space in the distribution box. If a ventilation system is retrofitted as part of a renovation, Climeo can simply be included in the installation.


If the building has no ventilation yet, we recommend retrofitting a ventilation (e.g. by means of a double ceiling). This way you can enjoy the advantages of Climeo even in an old building.


It is also possible to use only the ventilation function (without heating) if the building already has heating control equipment for each individual room.

When is it worthwhile installing Climeo?

Installing Climeo is always worthwhile – whether for ventilation only or in combination with heating. The system improves air quality and optimises energy consumption.

Can Climeo reduce the risk of mould formation?

Yes. Climeo reduces the risk of mould formation. The system measures humidity and supplies more fresh air if the humidity level in the room is too high. The minimum volume of air can also be increased individually.

Can I use Climeo for heating only or for ventilation only?

Yes, that might make sense. For example, if heating control equipment for each individual room is already in place, Climeo can be retrofitted for ventilation only.

Who will help me install Climeo?

We would be happy to send you a list of recommended fitters and planners.

Is Climeo smart-home-ready?

Yes, Climeo is smart-home-ready. The three elements of Climeo – AirGate, TempGate and RoomMaster – communicate with each other via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRa, and with other devices as well if desired. 

For example, TempGate is already able to communicate with many different devices, and the number keeps increasing each week. Apple HomeKit and Google Home are only the first. Other interfaces to the heating system or to more general control systems will follow.

Ordering Climeo

You want Climeo for your home? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write to us. We would be happy to prepare a tailored offer for you and recommend a planner, architect or fitter. Alternatively, we will get in contact with the specialist planner of your choice.