Products & Installation

Climeo consists of three elements and can be extended as you please. Thanks to its simple installation and due to lower operating costs compared to conventional ventilation systems, Climeo is a very economical solution – both for new and old buildings.


RoomMaster monitors and controls the climate in all rooms – fully automatically or individually via display and the Climeo app.


AirGate measures all indoor climate parameters and regulates the supply of fresh air.


TempGate controls the temperature of up to 12 heating circuits and communicates via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


Der FlatMaster regelt alle Climeo Geräte in einer Wohnung und optimiert die Regelparameter durch einen integrierten AI-Regelalgorithmus.

Climeo system overview

Ordering Climeo

Do you want to use Climeo in a new building or in a renovation project? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write to us. We would be happy to prepare a tailored offer for your customer’s project and answer any technical questions concerning installation, commissioning and service.