AirGates deliver an optimum supply of fresh air to every interior space. They regulate airflow, and measure temperature, humidity, air quality and volume of air. AirGates are plug-and-play units, and start up automatically once installed.


AirGate is a controller for the measurement of temperature, humidity, air quality and volumetric flow rate. By adjusting the plate AirGate continuously regulates the flow of air – in combination with volumetric flow rate measurement, this results in a pressure-independent control valve. AirGates can be installed in all standard air distribution boxes.


AirGate is always used in combination with RoomMaster (supply and control). All measured data is recorded* and can be retrieved at any time from the IoT server. Two RJ12 phone plugs allow multiple AirGates to be connected in series.


* Recordings require the user’s prior consent.

Technical data

0 – 40°C (±0.1 °C)
0 – 100% rF ( ±2% rF)
Air Quality (VOC)
0 – 2000
Volumetric Flow Rate
0 – 100 m3/h (±5%)
0 – 40 mm (±0.5 mm)
5V/10 mA
SAGB (Smart AirGate Bus)


AirGate is inserted into the air duct of the air distribution box until the duct access is sealed by the sealing lip. The spring will then interlock with the ribs of the air duct. Finally, the connecting cable is plugged either into RoomMaster or into an upstream AirGate. AirGate is now ready for commissioning.

Ordering Climeo

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