TempGate ensures that every room is at the right temperature. It regulates and measures the temperature in up to 12 separate circuits and is compatible with conventional interior spaces. Hydraulic balancing enables automatic commissioning.


TempGate can regulate the temperatures of 4 to 12 heating circuits. The module determines the water supply of the heating system and offers a control accuracy of a tenth of a degree.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enable TempGate to communicate with the other Climeo elements. An integrated AI control algorithm automatically optimises the temperature in all rooms – manual changes using the Climeo app are possible.

Technical data

0 – 70°C (±0.1 °C)
0 – 100 L/h (±5%)
via SAGB to a FlatMaster


TempGate is connected to the return flow of the floor heating system. As its dimensions correspond to standard installation dimensions, it fits into most distribution boxes. Commissioning is easy thanks to the integrated start-up routine, where each individual duct is measured and configured accordingly. The integrated AI control algorithm automatically optimises all control parameters.



TempGate is commissioned fully automatically by means of the Climeo app. IoT-capable control (cloud storage of data) requires a Wi-Fi router, which must be configured. Operation of the app is intuitive.


IoT data server

All Climeo data can be stored in the cloud. This increases security in case of a system failure (backup) and enables remote access to the system. In addition, stored data can be compared over the course of the year in order to adapt the control system (e.g. time programs) if necessary.



TempGate is already able to communicate with many different devices, and the number keeps increasing each week. Apple HomeKit and Google Home are only the first. Other interfaces to the heating system or to more general control systems will follow.

Ordering Climeo

Do you want to use Climeo in a new building or in a renovation project? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write to us. We would be happy to prepare a tailored offer for your customer’s project and answer any technical questions concerning installation, commissioning and service.